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Every thing you want to know about vampires

How to identify a vampire.

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So you want to identify a vampire? First you have to find one to identify it, ok so you think you found one. Blood ether human or animal, is a major part of a vampires diet. Sense drinking humane blood can all so be known as cannibalistic it makes it difficult for them to function normal in a mortals society. When they eat its little to nothing else, that makes them easy to identify. As we know sunlight will burn their skin so they tend to say in doors  the day and be more active durning the night. Vampires also cant withs stand height climates. They would populate more of the cooler parts of the world. This is believed to be a psychological condition that can be controlled with great willpower, this is why they think some vampires may be able to rome around safely in the sunlight in stead of burning them it makes their skin shimmer.

Vampires also have large canines that are much sharper than a humans. They are used to dig deep in to the flesh of the victim. Some vampires have retractable canines witch only show when that vampire is in attack mode. Vampires are also good looking witch makes their pray want to come closer to them. It also makes it esar for them to have a meal. Some thing we associate with vampires but its not always necessarily true. When stabing a vampire in the hart you have to cut of its head and set it on fire than you can be sherie that it is dead. If you haven’t done all the steps to kill a vampire than it will come back. All you have done is cased the vampire harm. They will come back to stack its revenge upon you. This is how to find and idntify a vampire.

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